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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?

I have been on the 100/hr patch and actiq then Fentora (for only 2m). I was on the 100/hr for months and honestly probably one of the best working meds I can remember. But then I couldn't get the sticker only kind anymore and I start getting the ones with the GEL in them and it was an instant slap in the face change AND over the course of the 3 days it would start to fall off very quickly and you could see that the screen if you want to call it that (what the medicine leeks through) was plugged with dead skin sells. It also left a 1mm thick nasty glue like square on you.

So I said enough and he backed me down to 75 then 50 then different med.

Now I have gone cold turkey several times off of HUGE doses of medication and I can tell you this... You do NOT want to go through that BUT if you have to start taking Imodium AD early BEFORE you get loose bowels. It is an opiate that does not break the brain blood barrier (therefore no high) so they don't control it. It does however still stick to the wall of your intestines and may have other reasons for helping with withdraw.

Of course consult your pharmacist to make sure it is safe for you to take the medication however because half the people treat chronic pain sufferers like addicts you may or may not want to tell him you are using it to beat withdraw.