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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

It has been 7 weeks after my vitrectomy surgery for a macular detachment, and I got some good news from the doctor today: my vision improved to 20/30, and with the screen-with-hole test all the way to 20/25! Full 2 lines better on the eye chart from my visit 4 weeks ago. I thought I will share this positive news with this group, especially, for those who are going through the post-op period after vitrectomy, or, are planning to have it after retinal detachment. The doctor said that if I don't feel like getting prescription lenses, there is no reason to get one, as the diopter number will be pretty small, and the other eye is just fine. However, my waviness/wigliness in vision, especially, while reading a book, etc., hasn't gone away, and he said it may take a while for that. Both eyes are competing now when I read, and sometimes I see two images in near vision; the depth of field also has improved resonably well. These were all the questions I had when I started this thread.
A small side-note to this all was that the doctor noticed some cloudiness slowly growing on my IOL capsule (secondary cataract), and although it does not bother my vision now, he said it will have to be removed at some time in the future. Having gone through secondary cataract surgery with my other eye, I don't worry about it now...whenever it becomes bothersome I will get the Yag laser surgery done.