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I'm only 18 and my health is on a steady decline, 4 years after EBV. Immune disorder?

Hi everyone, so basically it goes like this.
Since I was 11 I started getting sick constantly. Had a chest infection and bowel infection in 2005, the chest infection was never diagnosed but I should have gone to a hospital because that was the last time my fever was ever higher than 38.

Then in 2008, one night when I laid down, I suddenly couldn't breathe and was gasping for air every night when I tried to sleep for months, and then it would randomly go away. The doctor's put it down to anxiety.

2009 everything got bad. In the one year I had chronic migraines that would last weeks, the breathing issue would come on every now and again, but always went away. I caught what they thought was EBV in Juneish and was sick for about 3 months. I had a really hacking cough and was diagnosed with pneumonitis. I haven't been well since.

2010 and 11 are kind of a blur, all I know is that I had at least 21 chest infections over the course of those two years, slept a lot, got a lot of corner of mouth cracks, severe headaches.

2012, early february I started getting really bad stomach cramps and pains randomly, and foul smelling stool, not related at all to activities such as eating or moving. The pain was bad to the point where I would have to sit down no matter where I was if I'd get the pain I would have to sit down - It lasted for about 2 weeks and we never found out what caused it, I thought that maybe my stool got a strange smell from abstaining from marijuana but it turned out not to be the case.

I was then fine until about May when I changed jobs, I was exerting myself really hard on hardly any sleep and doing 40 hour weeks with what was only described as a viral infection. I literally couldn't go 10 minutes without coughing. And it was always very deep coughing, I was terribly terribly sick for months, and stressed out to the point of losing vision and blacking out in supermarkets. I also got extremely depressed and my skin started breaking out in adult acne - some of which are still on my face and have not cleared up yet

Now, for the past 2 months I've had unexplained watery sometimes bloody mucusy diarrhea every day, bowel incontinence (so embarrassing) worsened with lactose. Sometimes it is yellow and acidic, orange, green, but mostly it is brown and has the appearence of having undigested food, cloudy in appearance, what I can only describe as 'debri' stool. As in, it looks like curdled, and stringy, like what would happen if you mixed soft drink and milk. I've had a colonoscopy and all they found was a little inflammation in my colon possibly infectious. I've also had terrible respiratory symptoms such as coughing, chronic wheezing and chest tightness soreness and rattling, for months on end now. It worsens with menstruation

I have really strong intuition that the diarrheal issues and the coughing/wheezing/incomplete breath from obstruction is all related. Like if I don't cough up the stuff, it blocks something up and then I can't go but get bad wheezing. but if I fix the wheezing and the cough I need to go. Is there a nerve or something that controls both of these things that could be going wrong in my body? I'm at my wits end, along with all of these symptoms I ALSO get chronic body aches all over without reason, I carried in a bag of shopping yesterday and strained my arm muscle to the the point where it was too painful to move. The doctor that performed my colonoscopy suspects that my pain sounds like fibromyalgia. I am 100% convinced that it is something like cystic fibrosis but my new GP thinks that's ridiculous because for some reason my chest congestion does clear up when I'm in a doctors office - it may be an allergen related thing? I know that something is wrong with me.
If any of this sounds familiar to anybody, please, PLEASE say something. I need to know what the hell is going on so I can go back to work and start my life with my partner.

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