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Re: My deceased husbands family won't let me go

It is difficult for them to let you go because of the connection you had with their family member (your husband). Being that you are so young, I am sure that they know the day would come when you would meet someone else and marry. They have been there for you and vice-versa. I do think it is time to explain to them that as much as you loved your husband, you are sure that he would have wanted you to continue living a happy life with someone. You can explain to them that he will always be in your heart and that they will always be part of your family. Whenever they make you feel bad about moving on with your life, just simply keep telling them that your husband would have wanted you to continue living a happy life. You may have to include your fiance in your socializing with them whenever possible and they will get accustomed to having him in your life. You deserve to be happy and have someone wonderful in your life. Do not worry too much about them, as they have eachother for need to feel good about your new exciting deserve to be happy.