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Urine smell

My urine smells too bad.

I read one article on net and it says, ketones in urine can cause bad smell and reason for high ketones in urine is breaking of fat to carbohydrates.

Here is my question, is it a good thing to have high level of ketones due to breaking of fat ?

I have higher fat proportion in body and big belly (My doctor told me that I have belly of 60 year old at the age of 40). I want to get rid of this belly. I am not eating fatty foods and I have diabetes so I am not avoiding carbs too. So is it a good thing that body fat is breaking for energy ?

On Sunday, I was feeling dizzy. May be that was because of not eating lunch. But this happened to me for the first time. I am fasting every Monday, and eat in the evening only. This dizziness never happened to me before. Shall I continue eating less to loose fat and also avoid carbs due to diabetes ? Will this help me lose fat and get in shape ?

For how long will I continue to get this smelly urine, if I am eating less ?


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