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Smile Re: high wbc (mainly neutrophils), and platelets

Originally Posted by 4meandme View Post
Hello, guys. My primary doctor has referred me to a hematologist because I have had fluctuating wbc counts and platelets. In November, my wbc was 10.9, slightly above normal, then I retested in a month, they were 15.9, then 12.1, 13.1, and now 14.5. My platelets seems to follow the same pattern. I am a little concerned about Chronic Mylegenous Leukemia. I asked my primary if he thought it was leukemia, and he said no, but he just wanted to make sure. Are there any others with the same problem. As of monday, platelets were 589,000 normal bein no more than 450,000

PS. My differential did not show any blast or inconsistent ranges.

Hi 4me, I Just read your post. I Have had a High White Blood count for the last 8 years now. I Have been to an oncologist & by my request had a bone Marrow biopsy just showed High white blood counts in blood & bone marrow. No Abnormalities No cancers no blasts. I Get checked every 3 months my wbc ranges /varies from 22,000 to 13,000.I Am on a drug I Take called Lithium that can increase my white blood count. I Am concerned about developing a Leukemia in the future possibly as well if my wbc continues to be so high.Is there Anyone that has had the same problem with years of a high wbc that has evetually turned into Luekemia?? Anyone?? can Answer Or Anyone with Leukemia should I be concerned??Or am I Worrying too much.