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Re: Urine smell

That does not sound good. I would recommend going to your physician to have that checked out. It could be an infection or a sign of high glucose levels.

Unless you are on a ketogenic diet (low carb/high fat) for the purpose of burning fat for energy instead of carbs, it is not a good thing to have ketones. You said you do not eat fatty foods so it does not sound like you are on a ketogenic diet.

Do you have a glucose meter to test your blood sugars? If you don't, you should get one immediately. You can't really control your blood sugars or figure out what foods are healthy for you if you aren't monitoring your blood sugar.

Also, with the fasting and trying to avoid fat and carbs, it sounds like you aren't getting enough to eat. If you don't eat enough, you liver may release stored glucose and make your blood sugar high.

When you do eat, what types of food are you eating? I personally find that eating higher fat, lower carb works best for me. I am not overweight though.
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