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Re: B Cell Lymphoma - Started Chemo

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First deal here: tell your Oncologist EVERYTHING you are experiencing or feeling during chemo. This is not new to them, they have heard it all before and for each issue they should prescribe a remedy. Each visit o the Onc or even during cycles when I waqs not feelign well they taught to call 24/7 and explain to them the issues. Extremely responsive team, but more important even while this feels terrible to us this is not rocket science, they have been through this, this is treatable.

Constipation: for me it was taking Colace periodically then after 3rd cycle taking it every day to keep me regular.

Expect Hair loss arounf the time you begin your 2nd chemo cycle. Big deal....but better than dying.

Cancer markers in blood: Hmm, this never came up in my case as the protocol is so figured out. Had weekly blood chemistry checks to make sure counts were not too low, even then they can booster that up.

Hey, best of luck and just know that this is doable. I have to tell you, my Onc told me after the diagnosis that "you do what we tell you, you will probably be okay, if you don't choose to do what we tell you, you probably will not be okay." well, that was clear, focused and enough to straighten me up and fly right!

Take care and good luck

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