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Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

I just went through a 30 antibiotic regimin, and Dr says Ct is clear aside from Frontal Sinus. Says that this needs to be addressed with surgery. She said that the surgery WILL NOT IMPROVE ANYTHING THAT I AM EXPERIENCING - that is, tthe congestion/inflamation.

I can hardly breate through my nose. When this sinusitis started 4 months ago, I could still breathe, and did not have this inflamtation.

I also have still clogged ears, that pop when I am in the car! and I am still dizzy and cannot drive. Very weird.

It wasn't like this before the onset in Nov. I took a short course of antibioitcs in Nov, but I got so sick that I stopped and waited it out till January when I started to feel better. But, it came back with a vengence a few weeks later.

I have done two weeks of Flonase, and a course of Medrol - helped a bit. But, not enough.

I wanted to know:

1) is this Dr crazy?

2) Has anyone had the therapuetic ultrasound done to assist in reducing the nasal inflammation?

Finally, the whole time I was on the antibiotics (Ceftin), I felt some kind of relief after I took the pill within the hour = I could breathe better, felt moister, in and felt draining. Then it was a total shut down of congestion.

This phenomeon went on from day one till the last day. What is going on? The Dr said she has no explanaiton.

Help. I am at my wits end. I have been basically very ill (medicaitons made me ill too) for 4 months and have no life!

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