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Re: Desperate! Please help

Hi. This is my pcp. He is running bloodwork and stool samples continuing the medronidazol and cipro and referring me to a gi doc. I have always had stomach trouble but the last 2.5-3 weeks I am going anywhere from 4-10+ times a day. Not diarrhea, just funny looking and funny smelling stools. They are almost like gummy worms my husband said to today's fluffy looking balls of poop. I have passed bloody mucus. Also green/yellow mucus. I have rectal pain at times during and even after bowel movements sometimes. The pain is almost unbearable. I have nausea, loss of appetite. I lost 3 lbs last week. I have only vomited once. I also have fibro. Gotta love it lol I think that's pretty much all my symptoms. I think haha