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Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta

Definitely!! I am better mentally for sure since I stopped taking it. When I was on it I did have somewhat decreased pain. But I also wanted nothing at all to do with my husband and just felt emotionally numb. I didn't really feel joy. I was also super spacy. Which I can be at times anyway, but it was on overload!! I couldn't remember what I was doing one moment to the next. And I was sooo tired all the time.

When I quit I felt like my head "cleared" I felt like myself again. The pain? Well it went CRAZY!!! The pain got so bad when I went off of it that it tricked me into thinking the med was doing more than it actually was. I went back on it at on it at one point. But the S/E made me quit for good! As the med left my body more and more the pain settled into my norm. I think that the increase in pain had to be withdrawal.

And yes! I would recommend to anyone wanting to come off of Cymbalta to do it as slowly as your patience will allow. The brain zaps are the worst and I've heard that you can avoid them by titrating super slowly. I didn't even know what they were and thought it might be part of fibro until I started researching Cymbalta more. It was too late for me by that point. But you are doing the right thing!