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Re: Desperate! Please help

Hi...When are you getting your colonoscopy?

I hope you get the results of the stool samples soon. That should be a tell if you have any "invader bacteria" in there.

Your symptoms are definitely what I experienced....very painful and scary to say the least. Having you on the antibiotics initially could very well help if you have bacterial infection. It won't help if it's viral, however. How long have you been on the meds?

It sounds as though the inflammation is limited to just the rectum because you're not having diarrhea as of yet...that's the gummy worm stools. All the extra sounds and cramps would be from spasming and gas..the inflammation changes the signals and the communication from the lower part to the upper part. (peristalsis hissy fits ;-)
That's also what gives you the nausea and even the vomitting. You might even have some reflux too.

Diagnosing UC is usually a process of elimination. Blood tests can determine inflammation/infection levels, specific markers, low iron, B12, liver/kidney/pancreas enzyme levels, autoimmune, and on and on....but they will not tell if you have UC. They can lead in the direction of...

Stool samples should tell if you have infection, abnormal bacteria/virus/"invaders"/parasites/blood/white blood cells..etc. They won't tell if you have UC.

A colonoscopy should show if you visually have inflammation, excessive mucus, ulcers, bleeding, polyps, abnormal growths...etc. But it's not a conclusive diagnostic for UC.

Biopsies taken during the c-scope should show from pathological inspection if you have any cellular changes, abnormalities, precancer, active inflammation, chronic inflammation, structural changes, etc.
It's not a conclusive diagnostic necessarily for UC.

If the doctor suspects UC, there are other things that need to be ruled out initially. If the biopsies have cellular changes that are consistent with UC...then the diagnosis would probably be UC if it fits in with the pattern of UC. The pathology will not state it is .... only consistent with. The GI will usually diagnose that is is (based on what he has excluded as possibilities).

Of course, some patterns of CD can mimic UC when CD is in early stages...some cellular changes, etc can be in the grey area of indeterminate colitis...meaning it could be one or the other. if it's suspected that it's Crohn's...the doctor would more than likely send the patient for further testing to see if there are other areas of inflammation in the digestive tract..not only the colon. If there are, it's suspected that it would be CD and not UC. CD does involve deeper layers of the digestive tract...UC's involvement only goes as deep as the mucosal/submucosal and sometimes into the lamina propira.

Ihope you get your answers soon...there's nothing worse than the waiting. Diagnosis is almost a relief, at least for me it was. From there, then treatment.

Please do your research on the medications, etc. Have a list of questions ready for the GI...get copies of all your tests to date for this issue, from your GP.

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