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Re: Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

hey there..sorry to hear about your current condition. i would possibly try a different doctor to get a second opinion. the symptoms you are experiencing (clogged ears, difficulty breathing, etc) does not sound like it can be caused just by congested frontal sinuses alone. your doctor is correct in a sense that surgery will not fix the underlying cause of your inflammations (could be allergy related in which case you should get allergy tested, etc)

i would either take your CT scan to another doctor for second opinion or get a new scan w/ a new doctor. if the scan shows a lot of a congestion there could be a polyp hiding in there which is blockage your nasal passages from air intake/out..

i recently had sinus surgery done (i am 12 days post-op) and my original ct scan showed massive blockage in my right sinuses and nasal passage, but the doctor could not determine if a polyp existed as it was completely covered in the scan. only way to know for sure was to go in w/ FESS surgery and sure enough there was a polyp that was removed from my passage.

let me know if you decide you want to go the surgery route and i can explain in more detail my current recovery process (today is day 12 and has been the best feeling for my sinuses i've felt in over a year and i'm hoping it only gets better from here)...

best of luck