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Re: Saw a doctor for the first time in 10 years

Grow, thanks for your reply. I didn't know you could ask for copies of your own medical records to keep for yourself. I appreciate that info a lot, and I'm going to do that.

Part of my problem also that I've noticed, especially over the last year, is a steady decline in my memory and even speech, like finding the right words. I know this is a sign of age, but, I don't know, it just seems so rapid to me. No, I didn't mention that to the doc I saw recently, but in hindsight, I think maybe he thought I was lying about the particular cause of my father's death last year. The truth is that he died of not a particular disease, just a blockage of his digestive tract that led to more problems, took just 2 months from the start of symptoms to his death. It wasn't cancer though. But my trying to express to the doctor what my father died of, between the not knowing medical terminology really at all, plus him not dying of any particular cause, and my own cognitive decline, I think the doctor may have concluded that my father died of colon cancer and I just didn't want to tell that doctor! That's why I think the doctor prescribed a colonoscopy.

I'm not going to get a colonoscopy, but I'll get the mammogram and pap smear. I had thought before going in that a doctor would tell me to do those 2 tests anyway. I'm a little leary of the mammogram just because I hear a lot of times that they "see" something, then make you go thru more invasive tests, and finally rule out things and say you're fine. This happened to my sister recently. After the mammogram, she lived in fear for a couple of months that she might have cancer only to find out that she didn't. I really, really don't need any kind of extra stress like that in my life. I know everyone's gonna say, oh, but what if you do, then you're finding out early. Yes, that's the argument, but still, those are my thoughts.

Learose, thank you for your reply too. I am going to make an appointment to see a psychologist. That's for sure. I'll see if she will think I need an anxiety medication and go from there.