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Re: Eyelash pulling

I can understand your concern. Eyelash pulling is part of the OCD spectrum. What that means is that OCD takes many forms and that 'symptom' is one of them. Please do not plead, yell, or do anything that might make your daughter feel worse. This is a medical condition, not something she can easily control. She will tell you that she'll stop to make you feel better about the pulling. You have done a very wise thing in hooking her up with a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist. What might be nice is if you spent some time with her doing things she enjoys. Does she like to hang out w/friends? Encourage her to have them come over. Take her out for a special lunch on the weekend, or even to a movie. Your husband should also understand that offering her your uncondional support (without making a big deal out of it) would be the best thing to do. Let the professional assess the situation. I"m sure he/she will have solutions/tips to help you along. Congrats for getting her the help she needs. You're a fantastic mom!

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