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Re: Question about Circumcision

Sounds like you are doing great! Don't stop your stretching exercises! You are almost there. Now, as for the sensativity? This is normal. The head of your penis has to get use to being out, as well as touch. It will take a while, but the more it is exposed to the air, the less sore it will be when you touch it. As for the other problem you mentionsed? Unless it's painful or bleeding, just consentrate on getting the foreskin completely back. Once that is done, you can see your doctor about the other problem, if you still have it. It could be that your foreskin needs a good cleaning to get all of the milky like smegma from around it and your penis head. When bathing, be very gentle. I would suggest using something very gentle, like baby bath wash when cleaning. maybe use a Qtip when cleaning the area? Always use some kind of lubrication when stretching. Of course if any of the suggestions farther irratate the area stop using them. When all else fail, see your doctor. Good luck!