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Originally Posted by ann775 View Post
Thank you Margarita, new shoes came yesterday. Not too pretty but do feel good. Yes! The extra toe room feels great! Not sure how I am wearing those size 11s.
Expecting another pair soon, maybe today. Will make that appointment very soon. I am having issues for the last couple of days with my ankle collapsing as I walk. Also skipped the pain med one day and boy did I pay the next day. Always real depressing to be so dependent to the mess.
Well off to work

That ankle collapsing is pretty worrisome. Please try to get in asap. You don't want to overstretch the ankle tendons and end up with a bigger mess. It would be really easy to sprain it if you are not careful. Do you have some kind of lace-up brace to help support it until you see the doctor? I speak from the perspective of someone who has had ankle problems for a long time-including a sprain that dragged out over 9 months and ended in a cast. Be careful!

You are very right-pain leads to depression and depression worsens pain. But remember this is temporary. You are fixable. There are therapies, braces, and surgeries to put you back together. This will end eventually. Some people are dealing with illnesses that can't be fixed. So its okay to self-medicate your mood with a little [B]very[B]good chocolate or a glass of wine tonight, then move on beyond that. You have a life to live. Do what it takes to get stronger physically to help strengthen your ankle so it supports you better, even if it is just a little thing. There are ankle exercises on line that can really help, and the act of doing them makes you more empowered.

You can make it through all of this!