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Re: This may be the time... coming off Cymbalta

Consider yourself lucky you don't know what they are! You are dealing with enough to not have to have those added into the mix, lol. I've heard them described differently but for me, if I turned my head ever so slightly it felt as if an electrical current traveled up my spine and shocked my brain. It would leave me unable to really think for a bit. I didn't want to move. Like I said, I really thought this was a fibro thing because it came on with the big increase in pain when I quit the cymbalta. It wasn't until I was off the drug for a few weeks that I read about the symptoms of coming off of it. Eventually they lessened in frequency and severity and have now pretty much stopped.

It does sound like that is what you experienced in the beginning though. And by going off so slowly the way you have you have probably avoided them with going off the drug!!