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confused about diagnosis and suggested treatment

I recently had a core needle biopsy, my results were not cancer,the diagnosis was atypical ductal hyperplasia.My doctor now wants to do an MRI and a surgical biopsy. I just feel like this is not necessary! This diagnosis comes with a low percentage rate of turning into cancer, i have no family history of breast cancer. When i read about other womens experiences, I wonder why I cannot be monitored, why such a radical treatment? I do not trust Drs these days, they are all driven by drug companies, paying their student loans and supporting their luxurious life styles ! I have tried to find information on this diagnosis, all studies start out EX: out of 200 women diagnosed with ADH 87 went on to have surgical biopsies , then the report tells you the percentages of the 87 surgeries. I want to know what happened to the other 113 ! Did they opt to not follow their Drs advice ? Which is what im leaning toward. I want a percentage of the cases that eventually turned into cancer or is everyone ok and their Drs were just being overly cautious or out to make a buck or meet a quota ? If anyone out there has the same situation or know someone else in this situation i would love some advice. To anyone reading this that has breast cancer, please donot think that i am in any way trying to say that breast cancer should not be taken seriously! I just want to be informed and make the best decision.

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