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does this sound like angina please help me

it all started when i went swimming 3 weeks ago i got a strange numb pain sensation to the left of my sternum its like nothing i have ever felt before so i left the pool and it passed

it didnt come back for a few days but then came on suddenly while i was putting the shopping away and then another few days later i got it while just resting so went to hospital ER they gave me and ECG a blood test and an Xray a cardio specialist visited me in my cubicle and said your ECG is pristine your blood is pristine I think you should go home its nothing

I got it back today again at rest the numbness and pain feels a bit worse that the first attack also my left side of my chest over my breast area goes numb and under my armpit hurts so I called a paramedic he did an ECG in my home and said it looks fine and did some bp checks said all looks okso i didnt go to hospital

before all this started i have been feeling very very fatigued constantly i dont know if thats related? i had high cholesterol for a few years at the moment its borderline ok

im at a loss what to do i dreading this sensation coming back again it scares me so much by no one will diagnose me with anything from what i have been reading im starting to wonder is it angina? everytime i have had an ECG i havent been having the symptoms as by the time i get help they have passed,im a 31 yr old male by the way

can anyone help me please

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