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Re: Just diagnosed with warts, in a spin

Originally Posted by teenme View Post
most of the time people dont know they have it
most stds never show symptoms

also what she did is still risky even with a condom...warts and herpes can be both caught easily as they are skin just by skin contact is enough.i really dont think its healthy if she keeps meeting other men as there are high chances shell get these very common stds and might infect you too..i also had caught anal warts from a person who had no visible symptoms so probably didnt know..i suggest she limit partner and get treatment..i read online that in most ppl it can clear in 2 years without treatment.
Thanks for reply, interesting even if she'd insisted on condoms she may still get it so that's made her feel better. We've also read its not common to catch warts in the mouth so that, too, has made us feel better.
I don't think she will see guys again as this has, obviously, put us both off.
Would still be interested to know if she has 2 different types of warts and, if so, does that make treatment harder? but clinic may be able to answer.