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Could I be Hyperthyroid? Confusing labs.


I've been suffering with hyperthyroid symptoms since giving birth to my 15 month old son. At 8 months post-partum a goiter appeared on my neck, and along with my symptoms, an ultrasound confirmed I have a multinodular goiter, with some very large nodules up to 3cm.

2 weeks ago I had an FNA carried out on my 3cm nodule and have since had worsening of symptoms including restlessness, insomnia, sensitivity to heat, shakiness, increased appetite without weight gain, periods of fatigue, muscle aches, high pulse rate and blood pressure but my labs are in normal range. Results:

Earlier results:
T4: 14.0 (range 10.0-22.0) - low normal
TSH: 0.41 (range 0.10-4.00) - low normal
TPag: were very high normal range (something like 75 in a range of 0-90).

New results:
T4 14.8 (range 10.0-22.0) low normal
TSH 0.16 (range 0.10-4.00) very low normal

Bloods also came back with low red blood cell dist (anemia).

I'm really confused as to why BOTH TSH and T4 are low??? I thought one is supposed to be high and one low? And why am I having Hyper symptoms on supposedly normal ranges? Could such a low TSH be causing my symptoms?

(NOTE: I have a strong family history of hypothyroidism and also my baby son was under consultation for symptoms related to hyperthyroidism - hypercalcemia, irritability, prominent eyes)

I'm so confused. Please help!

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