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Re: Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

Originally Posted by Leo255 View Post
I've been where you were at, Teagan4. It will get better, I promise you.

First of all, get off that damn Afrin. You can keep it for just flat out "emergencies," but you shouldn't be using it.

Go get yourself some sudafed - Get yourself a bunch of sudafed 30 mg...In the US, you can get like 96 tablets for just 10-14 dollars. Just make sure it is the pseudoephederine stuff. Phenylephrine sucks.

Also get yourself some loratidine, which is claritin...I also recommend getting some Claritin D 12 hour. This has quite a lot of pseudoephedrine and has some loratidine (or claritin) as well. The Claritin D 12 hour used to be a pretty good "emergency" drug for me. When I was at my worst, I would take it, and it would really help. Otherwise, I usually prefer the smaller, 30-mg tablets of pseudoephedrine. I just don't like to put drugs into my body, and would rather put the least amount possible.
I know - I am not happy with using the afrin. I am VERY Sensitive to drugs. I had to stop the Flonase after nearly two weeks as I was going insane from the side effects esp the anxiety feeling. Better today after two days off it.

I already have to take some Vistiril to keep the Afrin in check. I was afraid to try the Sudafed because of the same effetcs. Do you think it will give me less palpitiations?

I am also already in rebound from the Afrin. How long does it take to go away?

1) will sudafed give me as much relief as Afrin?
2) How long can I take it?


I know I still have infection. So, all is not lost.