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Re: Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

Originally Posted by gcsjr View Post
The doctor is correct that surgery won't improve the congestion or inflammation. Surgery is effective in improving sinus drainage and removing polyps but has no effect on the underlying inflammation.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your doctor hasn't done much to address the underlying problems. You really should see an allergist and probably get a second opinion from another ENT, but there are several things that can help with the underlying inflammation and congestion:

-Daily saline irrigation with a SinusRinse bottle
-Daily Singulair
-Antihistamines and/or allergy shots if you have allergies
-Regular use of the Flonase (it takes time but will help)
-Daily pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) decongestants

As Leo255 said, you have to get off the Afrin. It causes rebound congestion after daily use for as little as a week and the rebound congestion can be worse than the congestion you're taking it for.

The other thing you need to ask a doctor about is a longer course of prednisone. Most Medrol dose packs aren't a high enough dose to address sinus inflammation. You probably need a 3 week course of prednisone to reduce the swelling.

All of this is pretty standard so the fact that your doctor didn't recommend it is a good sign that you find a new ENT, one who has more experience treating sinus disease.

Thanks for the advice. The infection is still in the frontal sinus. She said mucocele. And I can hear the stickiness releasging somewhere along the side of nose mid way up, deep in my face when I roll over in bed.

Never had that before this who episode started in Nov.

I have very little confidence in the ENT. She was pretty short, and was in a hurry the two times I saw her.

She gave me no guidance except to say that my inflammation can be treated topically with steroids. I told her the Flonase did not really work AND I could not continue to take it because of the side effects.

We did not even discuss the medrol. I really think it did work, because I felt as though no air was exchanging deep in the recesses of my head, and then it improved after the Medrol.

The nasal congestion improved but reverted after the packet ended.

Incidntally, the medol did not cause me as many side effects (just felt overstimulated but it was bearable) as the Flonase.

I am going to try Omnaris, but my insurance may not allow for it.

How many of these ENts will I have to see before I get some decent advice?