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Re: Saw a doctor for the first time in 10 years

Hi again,

Yes, we have the right to have all of our medical records and asking for them as you go along is easier than trying to retrieve them all at once. Most doctors do charge a small copying fee, but since records can add up really fast, it is much easier to get them as you go.

That way, every time you see another doctor, you have all the pertinent information right there. Medical terms can be very hard to remember for those of us not in the field, using them everyday.

As far as the cause of your fathers passing, you can always explain that further to your doctor, using the exact same explanation you used here. Doctors are used to patients who have difficulty recalling medical events of relatives, and even ourselves.

As far as the colonoscopy, I understand why you are so adverse to it, but it is a very common procedure to everyone passed 45 or so get one every 3 years. As difficult as it sounds, the procedure itself is painless, quick and very comforting to complete. The anticipation is much worse than the actual event.

That goes for mammograms as well. Most go without any further need for more tests. With breast cancer being so devastating to women of any age, catching anything early can be a life saver.

I honestly understand the desire not to know anything that is potentially wrong with us, but things have changed so radically in medicine, we are lucky to have such procedures in place to make our lives longer, happier and is good health.

I have suffered some tragic illnesses and events in my life. I have been saved after strokes, kidney failure and heart disease from a very young age, and I feel so fortunate to have time with my children and family that I would never have had without the miracles of modern medicine. Do it for your loved ones, if not for yourself.

I wish you the very best.