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Re: Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

Originally Posted by Bea590 View Post
If he's in there and cleans out the infection why wouldn't you have improvement? I had my surgery Nov 5 and had one infection a few weeks later, treated and cleared up, and have been fine since. This is the FIRST winter I haven't spent sick the whole time in many, many years.
I agree.

That is why I will not have this ENT do my surgery.

Everyone in my family wondered the same thing. That if I still have infection in the frontal sinus, isn't is affecting me?

It was weird, but she said the surgery could be done soon, but not to worry. Just want to prevent complications around the eye etc. But she said twice clearly (and I had my sister with me at the visit who heard same)

"But the surgery will not change anything that you are experiencing."

I had told her my sinus area under my cheecks was feeling puffy and sore, that I still have headaches, clogged ears, dizziness, and a very stuffy nose that I can't breathe well through.

So, when I heard her say I would have no improvement, I freaked out.

Thanks for for the confidence booster

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