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Re: Urine smell

I am type 2 diabetic.

I am trying to be on kind of ketogenic diet. But I am avoiding fat also.

I have belly fat that I want to get rid of. I am trying to burn that belly fat by not eating fats and control diabetes by not eating carbs. In nutshell, I am trying to take in lower amount of calories in body. If liver is still producing sugar, when I am not taking it from outside, then whats the point in not taking sugar from outside ? Where does the liver get glucose from, if I am not eating from outside ? Azurah mentioned that liver releases stored sugar. So for how long will liver release this stored sugar ? What happens when liver runs out of stored sugar ? When I am taking some fruits or juices, I am fine. But if I completely avoid sugar, I feel dizzy.

Please guide, how to loose belly fat and control sugar at the same time ?