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being tested for Sjogrens, but not sure i have it

i went to my doc for left ear pain/congestion that has lasted months. some sinus pressure off and on. thought it was allergies- taking allergy meds. my tongue began having a tingling/burning sensation and it got worse-- then turned extremely dry and sticky with this thick yellow coating which two doctors said was not thrush or anything like that, that lasted a week and got worse with anything i ate. after that started subsiding my left ear got worse and now jaw pain up there as if it is TMJ related. which it totally could be as i do wear a mouth guard at night for clenching my teeth, but i have NEVER experienced this type of pain in my upper jaw/ear area. no otc meds are helping. i am on prednisone and almost done.
another thing i get often is leg cramps, especially in evenings. i do workout and i do stretch, and every night i have to use an electric massage thing to do on my legs before bed and still i am afraid to sleep because when i get a bad cramp in my legs it brings me to tears... usually it's around my ankles and i can't walk or my ankle bone pops. i am always cold. i get cramps in my fingers from time to time and i take vitamin supplements. i did have really dry eyes back in September, was prescribed a drop that helped a lot and i haven't had dry eyes since then. these symptoms all come and go but it seems like every single day there is a NEW symptom or a recurring one. right now i am leaning towards TMJ related issues because of the jaw/ear pain. My dentist didn't really help me.

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