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Question Mri results neck help

There is a loss of normal cervical lordosis with diminished vertical height and signal intensity of c4-5 intervertebral disc. The remaining intervertebral disc and vertebral bodies maintain their vertical height and signal intensity. No evidence for tonsillar herniation is seen. There is presence of a syrinx seen starting from the superior endplate of c6 and extending through the inferior endplate for a total distance of 9 millimeters. In its widest portion this measures 1.6 millimeters transversely. Axial scans of the skull base reveal no abnormality. At c1-c2 there is a symmetry between the odontoid process and lateral masses of c1. At c2-3 posterocentral disc osteophyte complex is seen not extending laterally and intervertebral foramina are normal. At c3-4 posterocentral disc osteophyte complex is seen not extending laterally. intervertebral foramina c4-5 no disc bulge or herniation is seen. C5-6 no disc bulge or c6 there is a syrinx as described. At c7-t1 no abnormality is seen. T1-t2 and t2-3 no abnormality.

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