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Re: Having meniscus surgery Friday

Hi Chillytoes! First off don't worry, fear is 90% made up in ones' head the other 10% you can deal with. I had two knee surgeries for torn meniscus. April 2012 right knee scheduled for torn medical ( never showed up on MRI but surgeon knew it was torn) I got a second opinion ( guy must have had sunglasses on said REHAB) Pain was crazy so I went back to original surgeon told him I got a second opinion went on to have surgery , ended up with two tears Medical and Laterial. Next day walking with cane. Believe me it being taken care of is less pain than prior surgery ( trust me )When you lay in bed do a few lil excercises prior to rehab. Leg straight in bed and tighten knee as if you are laying it FLAT on bed. Do it 15 times 6 times a day and of course ICE. In other words you're laying in bed leg flat and with the strength of your leg/knee squeeze it and make it flat to bed. Gets blood flow back into the area and blood heals. Secondly after almost completing rehab I had my sneakers on walking almost 3 miles a day and sharp pain on top of knee that had surgery ( hey things happen) left leg pigeon toed inwards, I torn my medial, dislocated my knee cap, bruised my bone and sprained my MCL. Off all the injuries the surgeon ( knee surgeon mine retired ) this one chief of staff at IVY League hospital . He said most of the pain was from sprained MCL. He said you know the pain of a torn meniscus I said yep. Immediatly after surgery... ICE Elevation and next day I used a cane. did the same excercises as before. Day 1 rested took medication. Day 2 walking with cane and iced and did the excercises in bed. Total relief from the discomfort I had prior surgery!!! Remember that, if you are having pain and difficulty.. remember this, after surgery you won't feel it all you'll feel is a slight soreness/tenderness from the surgery. Pain medication for the first day, after that I was good... during excercises he said take the meds... He decided he I didn't need rehab I knew what to do from prior surgery. His protocol for me was this. After 1st week, walk 10 minutes, for a few days. Next walk 15 a few days, Next walk 20 minutes a few days. First few time I took cane with me incase of a weakness and honestly it wasn't necessary. Honestly it doesn't hurt at all considering the discomfort I was in prior to surgery. Today is my third week post surgery left leg. Doing great!! Just don't push it!! The pain meds give you a lil bit of a false boost and you have the tendency to do more. However keep moving!! First surgery I had I waited because I was scared, second I said lets go get it over with. Believe me it is fine and you'll feel great. They clip and clean it out and normally don't repair unless you're older. Otherwise the chief of staff told me you have enough cartlidge there. He said he'll have me doing my 5 miles a day in no time... Best of luck!!