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Vertigo Migranes after concussion?


On February 5th I passed out in the shower hitting my head several times by what we can tell because there was a bad bruise on the right side of my forehead, the bridge of my nose, left cheek bone, left side of chin and neck and left collarbone. Then as hubby helped me out of the tub, I passed out again but hit the back of my head also on the right side. Spent a few days in the hospital, but they spent most of time trying to figure out why I fainted and diagnosed me with vaso vagal syndrome - they hardly paid any attention to my head!

So, Im a month post with terrible dizziness. Go back to the Dr and they diagnose me with migranes that cause vertigo and put me on nortriptolin - so far, Im not sure its helping alot??? I also went to PT because I REALLY need to get back on my feet, my balance is awful! She also noticed that my left side (which is my dominant side) is weaker then my right. None of this was discovered in the hospital, mainly there it was the poor balance and awful headaches. But since I've been home, more issues have emerged. Brain fogginess, sometimes word retrieval issues, double vision, horrible ringing in the ears, Dr diagnosed me with post concussion syndrome.

Anyone else going through this? Did your dizziness subside or ???? They are keeping me out of work until 4/9. After that Im eliglbe for 4 more weeks of FMLA but it would be unpaid time as I've used up all my sick and vacation by then. Any suggestions? IM really SCARED!!!!!!!!!

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