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Re: High everything it seems :(

Hi ty for replying
Dr started me on 10mg. I have appt with her this Thurs hopefully she will drop it to 5 mgs instead.
I have went to a very low fat diet this past couple weeks. Drinking mainly only water about 1/2 cup coffee when i wake up. B4 i wasn't very careful about the fatty foods i would eat, such as sweets. Don't eat big meals i eat like bird almost LOL
Think most was due to the serequel and not taking thryoid meds for so long, which i stopped the serequel and been back on thyroid meds for a month now. Don't drink alcohol and no diabetes. Oh also started taking 1000mg fish oil tabs with 300 mg omega-3. Hopefully now i can get that number down. Want to exercise more but with back pain and now the hospital said i have bronchitis, so gonna be a bit b4 i can do more exercising.
thx again for your reply