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Job and Anxiety

I was laid off this summer and have worked at a new job for a few months. Previously I found out that 2 people had this department. It is an administrator position. It kept getting worse and worse. The previous people who had this department worked 12 hours a day and then transferred after a year. I recieved no training, no support. The pay is very good but not worth it with all of these hours. For the last month it was getting worse and worse with more demands and more responsibilities. Back to back meetings while at the same time running a department and needing to fix a project that was incorrectly set up before I came on board. It got to the point that I was working over 12 hours a day for over 3 weeks, lost over 20 lbs, vomiting in the morning, diarrhea, my blood pressure going up and needing to add another blood pressure medicine and still not working and feeling horrible each day. I finally went to the ER and had dangerously low potassium levels and was admitted. I hold the health insurance also. I put in for medical leave and am not sure I'm even up to interviewing at this time. I'm currently in an intensive outpatient program for 2 weeks. I was worried about being fired due to the unreasonable demands and the health insurance with the cost of Cobra. I'm not sure how much time I will be approved for. Anyone have any idea? If I should wait after I've had some time off with my medical leave to look now. I would get a portion of my pay which would hold us over for awhile and would keep my benefits. Since I have been with this company for less than a year I can't take FMLA so I'm sure they will fire me once I'm off medical leave.

Any advice?

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