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I have had two ulnar shortening surgeries -- Oct 2012 on my left arm, and the other Feb. 26 2013. (I'm wearing a removable brace which I take off to shower). I also had right bone graft surgery in my lunate for Kienbock's Disease in my right wrist, Dec. 2011. Needless to say, I've had my share of it all.

I couldn't tolerate the hydro- or the oxy-condone so the first three days were pretty horrible. My second shortening bruised quite a bit but I was fine with both arms after 4-5 days. My left arm bone healed fine within a month. I'm thin so the plate bothers me but not like the wrist pain. It's tolerable. Of course, I'm still healing from my second surgery.

1) Stetch your fingers with the fingers of the opposite hand often before getting the stitches out.
2) I bought Lucy pants prior to my surgery -- easy on, easy off -- and great fit. Just works for women though.
3) For sure, keep your arm up at least five days. I used several pillows to achieve this -- not a big deal. Just keep above your heart. I also used a knee pillow with contours to use as an arm rest on top of the pillows. This REALLY helped.
4) My doctor also gave me compression leggings to wear the first 24 hours. Great idea because they kept my feet warm and my legs safe from blood clots. Some doctors do not offer this before surgery, but I highly recommend it!
5) For showering, I used my New York Times plastic bags to cover my arm and tightened the end with piece of Velcro which would really well.
6) If you have long hair like I do...let it go the first week.
7) ******** some good books to your Kindle before the surgery. This is a lifesaver for having to stay in bed.
8) Don't forget to take your B/P med the morning of the surgery, if you have high B/P.
9) MORE IMPORTANTLY, make sure your doctor is a specialized surgery with a lot of experience with these surgeries. Too long or too short is not a good thing!
10) Maintain a really positive attitude! Go with the days as rest days and know it will be better soon.

Good luck!

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