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Re: COPING WITH OCD - tips? tricks?

idk, when i first got ocd , i was about 15 at the time and the obssessive thinking and compulsive behaviour were both an issue. For some reason the obessive thinking seems to have gone down on the most part although it has acted up recently over an old relationship i had years ago with someone and feelings of regret and guilt. It shows that the ocd can work off what we care about?

Ive noticed recently that when i dont feed a thought, it seems to act up less. Maybe something like meditation mgiht help, someone was commenting on another thread about chanting with prayer type beads and how it helps quieten thier obessive thinking. Going for long walks might help take some of that energy away from us, reduces our stress levels which might encourage obsessive thinking. I found when i did something physical i was more up beat and sociable. Exercise helps clear the mind and distracts us too?