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Re: Change in Meds/Pain unbearable

Thank you for replying. It means alot. One of the doctors I was sent to was a heart/thoracic surgeon. He had an idea that I may have injured it during a car accident the ziphoid at the bottom of my sternum. He suggested that if I removed it the pain may go away. I was sceptical but hopefully because I knew I hadn't injured it and the pain started after the lung collapse. The only thing that ended up happening was a nice 3in scar between my breasts. There isn't much I wouldn't do if it was suggested by a reputable physician. I don't think I can stand anymore steroids because I notice my hip is becoming affected. I've maxed out every year plus. I hope your apt goes well with the pm doctor. All we want is to be able to live some sort of life that is acceptable. I haven't expected pain free in a long time but to be able to do normal things would be good. I have 3 grown boys and an 11 yr old and I feel so bad for him. I don't do what I did with the older boys by far. What's way worse is I just was thinking I haven't smiled in 3 days and really haven't talked much. That's not fair to him. It's just wrong. I didn't ask for this but worse yet, neither did he. One thing I suggest is write down everything you want to get across to the dr. I made that mistake when I was caught of guard and am paying the price right now.