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Re: hallux rigidus surgery

I'm allergic to aleve and mortin so I don't take those. I can't. After surgery I take the pain meds that I was given. I just got vidodin called in and then I will slowly go to tylenol 3s. I did take a tylenol a lot leading up to surgery, that might be what your reading. As for daily drugs you will need them for a bit, I use them for the first 3 months but I slowly go down from oxy, to vicodin to T3s like I stated above but everyone is different. I was taking daily drugs aka tylenol leading up to my surgery.

I've never fully recovered form any of my surgries, I got into an accident at 7 months post op from my first one and we knew my second one failed at around 7 months . I am now 1 week and 2 days out of my FDL surgery and I hope its my last. I was told it can take up to a year to heal but most doctors can tell around 6 months if it looks like things are working.

Feel free to read posts that have been posted but keep in mind I haven't had what your looking at, I've had a few accidents that have hinder my recovery and I'm only 20, so my age sometimes plays a roll in my healing and how long they think it will take.
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