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Re: 25 years old just diagnosed with osteoporosis

Originally Posted by tuska View Post
Yip I have seen the endo and he reccomended fosamax, I have the prescription sitting in my bag. He was even confident we could get funding for me to have the large IV dose so that I wouldn't have to take a pill every week, though I declined that option.

He did order urine tests and some more blood tests so that is why I am going to see him again soon before I start taking the drug. Although he rang and left me a message 2 days ago with some info to complete the prescription so I could take it in and start straight away which is a little confusing..
One more thing to consider. When I saw my Endo bone specialist years ago before I was menopausal he had suggested that I might possibly have a mild form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. That would be a mild form of Type I OI. I have been reading more about it now. Persons with this would appear normal outwardly but would tend to fracture more easily. Also it can account for a young person with osteoporosis. It stated that biophosphonates (like Fosamax) can help but it is unknown if this would be good long term since that can affect bone quality. Mostly exercise and nutrition are the answer but not excessive supplementation of Calcium.

I wish I could be tested for this just to know for sure. With Type I the person produces normal collagen but only half the normal amount which accounts for the bone weakness.