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Re: my son 8 years started 10 mg strattera today

While I am not a mother, I am able to speak to some of your concerns.

Based on what I've seen from a number of posters here over the years, the most common side effects of Strattera will be tiredness and headaches. These may or may not be troublesome for your son, as everyone tends to react somewhat differently. My own reactions to Strattera included nausea, though this is not necessarily common.

Your son will be on the medication for as long as he requires it. Depending on his development and situation, this may be very brief, or it may be lifelong, it's impossible to say. While ADHD is not technically 'curable,' many ADHD sufferers learn to cope without medication. To this end, your son may benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; you may wish to research this or find a therapist that can work with him.

As to his self image, it will be a reflection of the image held by the people that are important to him; he is still at an age that he will believe what he is taught to believe. If his mother, family, and his peers see Strattera as proof of a major dysfunction, he will be inclined to believe the same. If he is educated to understand that Strattera is an aid to help him achieve results that he wants to achieve, and that it doesn't mean there's something wrong with him then he will likely not feel different. I don't know what the situation is like in Qatar, but if it's anything like Canada and the US, so many of his peers are also on Strattera or other ADHD medications that taking Strattera will likely be perceived as virtually normal.

As to quitting your job, I cannot speak to that from a mother's perspective, so I will leave that to more qualified individuals.

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