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Re: L5S1 post surgery

Hi pcorrea, I had four lum surgs @ L4-5,L5-S1 years ago & yes i can remember everything! You are walking 1 hour a day total, like six 10 minute walks, correct? According to my NS it was frequent, short walks that were desired for me not an hour long daily walk. If this IS what you are doing it could explain the calf pain & the nightly calf cramping, depending on how long you were down & immobilized with pain prior to surgery. But,of course, you have the best idea to ask your surgeon exactly what he wants you to do re: activity. My NS had a tip that i will pass on thats left an indelible mark on me, He said that when in post op recovery, it is like a child stacking blocks, going slow, steady placing each improvement like a block on top of block stack is successful, but do too much, overdo, go too fast & blocks fall, tumble down & now you have to start recovery over from beginning! Its so early, 4 weeks, be kind to yourself & move from bed to strolling down short driveway, sit or standing no longer than in 10-15 minute intervals, walk around den then back to bed or recliner but make sure to rest a great deal because your body has been through so much, according to what my dr told me. Lyrica or neurontin are great adjunct treatment for neuropathy at least it is for me. Take good care & please let us hear from you! God bless you pcorrea!

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