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Re: Mri results neck help

Thk u so much again :-) so as it seems , its the syrinx , that I gotta worry about only. I have appt. On Tuesday with a neuro , so ill c I guess then, my shoulders , just burn with pain , my neck my right side of jaw n ear n can't hear good out of right ear , right hand n fingers tingling n numb, weird feeling, the pain in my neck, shoulders , lower back r unbearable at most times. The noises my neck make r so aweful n loud ppl r always like wow cuz my neck cracks n pops loudly like 3times a hour all day , n I have to move it n crack it or its like it gets stuck n hurts worst, but when sum one rubs my neck or shoulders they gotts push so exteremely hard as I request or I can't bearly fill it n there afraid there gonna hurt me or break sum thing lol :-) does that sound like things that syrinx coukd b causing me? I hope iam not bothering u wit all these question , I just need to know why n what wrongs wi th me n how ti get rid of all this pain, I thk u again so very much, I really do appercaite u time n answers thk u :-)