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Re: Mri results neck help

I will I go tuesday n thk u again , xrays n ct , says deng.osto n phesaorthis. That's what lead to the mri w n wo contrast so think that's y alk the cracking n stiffnes , plus pain also have like a huge grow , in neck they were not sure what it was n when looking at my neck in that back I have like a real ugly hump sticky out of my neck , I hope whatever they do also fix that , although that's the least of my worries n merely is commedice but it is ugly n bothersomes , iam well still consider my self fairly young being only 37yrs old , I like for that to go away to but first the pain , also another thing I dnt understand n mayb u can explain to me how do I have dengenerate pheoarthis n orthis when commonly it is sum thing older ppl starting at age 65/70 get