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Hello Lisa,
Prior to my two strokes (10/11 and 11/12) I had been to the ER at two different hospitals because of severe headaches, so bad I was in tears. Both times I was told that I was having anxiety attacks. Both strokes were ischemic and caused by blockages in my carotid arteries - left side @ 96% and right [email protected] 60%. I never went to the hospital when the first stroke happened and blamed it on stress. With the second stroke I went numb in my cheek and arm, only for a minute but I felt very shaky so I went to the ER at a new medical center near our home.

They immediately did a CT Scan, which did not show a stroke but did show the severely blocked arteries. They thought I had suffered a TIA but kept me for observation and further testing. I had an MRI done that night which showed I had indeed had a stroke and that the MRI showed an older stroke in the same area, on the left side of the brain.

I had surgery on the left carotid three days later and was told by my surgeon that he found two big pieces of plaque that were ready to come off. If they had, I would of had a massive stroke.

So the lesson here is, don't be like me and ignore symptoms because the hospital didn't respond aggressively. If I had gone to the hospital when my first stroke happened, they probably would have performed the surgery then, when I was much stronger. There then would not have been a second stroke which left me with far more damage.

Listen to your gut and advocate for yourself. Don't forget, the doctor is the service provider and we are the paying customer!

Good luck to you and keep us posted.

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