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Re: coughing after getting over the flu

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
It took me over a month to get the coughing to subside after I got the flu on New Year's Eve day.

For the cough syrup, I don't like the codeine ones unless I absolutely have to because I can't work when I'm on it and my coughing is horrible during the day too. I get a bit of relief with the promethazine DM/phenegren DM. It is also an anti-nausea med a swell so you might find it helpful. It isn't as strong as the codeine but it may help.

I also added additional asthma meds for a while. Nebulizer for the Albuterol instead of just the puffer. Dulera. Pulmicort.

My Pulmonologist doesn't want me on Prednisone until I get below 50% of my normal peak flow so I did everything I could outside of that.

I used my humidifier regularly. I also have some essential oils called Breathe to help as well.

Hope you feel better soon. Chronic coughing like this can be miserable.
Hi- Thanks for your response; my doctor called in Medrol Dose Pak for me but i don't want to talke it unless i have to. My lung function itself is pretty normal when i use a peak flow meter to measure it, but it is just the coughing that is difficult to deal with. Perhaps something with DM in it would be helpful. Again thanks for your suggestions.