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Re: 25 years old just diagnosed with osteoporosis

Originally Posted by tuska View Post

It is very frustrating. I wonder about OI. The thing is, I never typically was one of those kids prone to breaking bones. I once broke my collar bone from a large fall ~ 3m. But was a very active kid and had many other accidents with no trouble. It is just the rib fractures in the past year which lead me to get a bone scan. I am also part Pacific Islander, who are supposed to have some of the most dense bones around!

I have decided to take my time in making a decision. I have ordered "Your Bones" and am going to talk to a specialist bone researcher at my university who specialises in creating anabolic aids for osteo and has worked on things such as lactoferrin.
I never fractured anything as a child either, and only started to get stress fractures in my feet in my 30's. This was a time of lots of running and not wearing the right shoes. So likewise....I don't know what to think. A few in my family have had scoliosis. My adult teeth were slow to develop. Not sure if that is a sign.

I wonder what you mean by "creating anabolic aids for osteo"? That sounds interesting. I haven't heard of lactoferrin.