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Re: 25 years old just diagnosed with osteoporosis

Originally Posted by tuska View Post
Anabolic = building or creating new, Catabolic = breaking down. Bisphosphonates work my inhibiting osteoblasts (which break down bone). However research is emerging that in the long run this may follow on to a decrease in osteoclast (which build new bone) activity. So bisphosphonates are a catabolic aid. New research is going into anabolic therapy, to boost osteoclast activity instead.

At least this is how I understand it after a few days of reading!
I know what you mean by Anabolic but I wonder how a doctor would be creating this? Would that mean creating a supplement ?

Evista and Forteo are supposed to be anabolic. The Evista acts like an estrogen, and the Forteo being a parathyroid hormone. Yes, I have also wondered about the logic of the Catabolics like Fosamax and Actonel. Seems that basically they don't know how much bone loss they are inhibiting and how that effects the bone growth etc. It's a stab in the dark.