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Re: Dr Says Surgery Will Not Help my Condition

Saw my new Dr for another opinion. Will be heading for surgery.

I was given prednisone for 12 days to combat the inflammation. Took the first dose this morning and it seems to be working already.

The dr said that the 19 days of Afrin has certainly contributed to this situtiaotn. I bled like crazy from his scope and even saline was buring me like cxrazy the last few days.

However, I was already inflammed like this last month. The Dr said the frontal sinsus may not be contributing to the overall situation, but can't be sure. Incidentally, this is one of the first places that I had a lump and pain back radiating down my nose and on the bridge of my nose when the whole thing started in Nov.

At any rate, fixing this and the seputum is something I want to do asap, although it was said to me that I do not have to do so immediately.

The dr has a good rep doing guided surgery - he is at a teaching hopsital on the east coast . All I can do is have faith.

I would say that the other ENT should have prescribed prednisone to me instead of letting me just hang and tell me to keep using the flonase. I can't deal with drs who offer no solution.