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Re: No Answers

I went yesterday to see my regular doctor and he is 100% sure I had a stroke. He is sending me to another neurologist in a neighboring town. He also mentioned the clotting possibility and that TIA's don't show up on tests. Since my symptoms have not improved (or worsened- I don't think), he believes I had a stroke between the time of discharge and leaving the hospital. I have promised to take all his advise. I am now off work, have a handicap tag on my car and the depression of the reality is sitting in. I was told to wait until I heard from the physical, occupational and speech therapist, but I'm thinking about calling them since I have not heard a word since leaving the hospital.

My doctor is hopeful the neurologist will be able to find the source of the clots or at least point us in the right direction. I imagine you all can understand the comfort I feel in his using the word 'us' in this.

Thank you all so much!