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Re: Mri results neck help

Yes you need to have the syrinx for syringomyelia checked out soon, I do know for a fact that it is not so much how long it is as for how wide it is. I had a very wide syrinx in my thoracic area and had a shunt placed back in 2002 and it made the size go down a great deal. A syrinx will never go away, once a syrinx always a syrinx. You do need to find out what caused the syrinx before letting anyone touch it. Make sure you do your research and find a good Neurosurgeon who has done this more then 2 or 3 times in there life. If they tell you it can not cause pain move on to another NS. People with Arnold Chiari & Syringomyelia may go years before we find a really good Dr. who knows what they are talking about, only because it is covered maybe 15 min. in medical school. Good luck and don't panic, it can scare you when reading on the internet at first, that is why I said make sure you do your research, you did not get the syrinx over night and it will be ok left alone for some time. Your's is on the small side as for the width, so you have time to search it out. It may not get any larger, or it may not grow again for years so take a deep breath and start looking into it with at least a Neurologist who will then send you to a Neurosurgeon etc. Good luck.

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