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Hello lisaeh14,
I had a stroke December 3, 2012 and have been going through the stroke clinic and a cardiologist since January. I have had a battery of tests, as they first throught I had a hole in my heart, which now they have confirmed is not the case. I have been under a great deal of stress and very depressed since I had my stroke. My neurologist also thinks I had one upon returning home after 10 days in hospital, and possible another one 2 1/2 weeks ago. The first stroke hit my cerebellum and has left my left arm and hand in a constant tingle, that I have getting physio, as well as massage therapy for. I have been told that since I do not have a hole in the heart, the cardiologist has no need to further see me, which is great! However, I was just told that now the stroke doctor also has no need to see me at this time, as all results have not shown why, or where the blood clot may have come from. All my arteries are clear/clean and I was told that in some cases they just don't know the answers. I was told that I was going to see a hemotologist but still haven't heard when. Everyday, I find myself stressed and worried about having or could have another stroke. I am working on how to stop myself from thinking about this. If you are not satisfied with any care or answers....I urge you to continue to seek out. I have found these boards very helpful and am now working with a "life coach". I believe you had all the strokes you speak of, as I too have had the exact same only on the left side...I wish you and the best and hugs to you!!!

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